Praise to the presence of God for all of His blessing, so IAAU can continue to move forward to the present.

IAAU is a container alumni who once studied at the Department of Architecture, Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR). UNPAR Architecture Alumni Association (IAAU) has been established since December 19, 1976. UNPAR Architectural Studies Program has already had a number of alumni who are very large in Indonesia. UNPAR Architectural Studies Program is one of the organizers of non domestic architecture education / private sector which is the oldest in Indonesia since 1960. The time frame is not a short time to be able to demonstrate a certain level of maturity achievement in producing architectural potential graduates at the national level or at Regional and international scope.

UNPAR Architecture Alumni have been scattered inside and outside Indonesia. The figure of architecture in Indonesia in fact also can not be separated from the role of UNPAR architecture Alumni, both as practitioners, academics, or in other fields. UNPAR as the organizer of highly reputable architectural education in Indonesia or even on a wider level can not be achieved without the necessary support from alumni who excel reliable.

Activities and results of activities of IAAU (UNPAR Architecture Alumni Association) in addition to supporting the advancement of the UNPAR architectural studies program, is also beneficial to the welfare of Alumni, networking among alumni, empowerment alumni, coaching alumni, and also to support the participation of alumni in the government's development program as well as dedication of alumni in the Community. I hope this web can become a place of interactive communication and can be used constructively and adequate resources for alumni and UNPAR architecture academics community, so that the good relations that already exist can be continuously maintained and sustained. May God be with us, Amen.


Your Faithfully,

Chairman IAAU (UNPAR Architecture Alumni Association)


Michael Adiwinata Budiarto, SE., ST., MT.

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